Is it safe to take B12 without asking a doctor? (2024)

Is it safe to take B12 without asking a doctor?

It is not recommended to start taking any supplement without checking with your physician and/or registered dietitian nutritionist first. Taking excessive amounts of vitamin B12 can mask health conditions, such as pernicious anemia, delaying the treatment that you may need.

Can I take B12 without doctors advice?

You should not take any vitamin tablets unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Vit B12 is a good supplement for human body but i would advise you to consult doctor regarding any weakness or other issue if you feel to take it.

Is it harmful to take B12 if you don't need it?

When taken at appropriate doses, vitamin B-12 supplements are generally considered safe. While the recommended daily amount of vitamin B-12 for adults is 2.4 micrograms, higher doses have been found to be safe. Your body absorbs only as much as it needs, and any excess passes through your urine.

Can I take vitamin supplements without consulting a doctor?

Is it harmful to take vitamins without consulting a doctor? While taking vitamins can provide benefits for your health, it's generally recommended to consult with a doctor or a licensed healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Can I take B complex without consulting a doctor?

However, some people benefit from taking a B-complex supplement. People can find these supplements in health or drug stores, or they can choose between brands online. A B-complex supplement is generally safe when a person takes it as directed. However, only take very high doses of B vitamins under a doctor's guidance.

What is the safest amount of B12 to take?

Though doses of up to 2,000 mcg of vitamin B12 are considered safe, it's best to speak with a doctor to find out whether taking a supplement is necessary. Most people can fulfill their B12 needs through a nutrient-rich diet.

Is it OK to take 1000 mcg B12 daily?

A common dose of OTC vitamin B12 is 1,000 mcg each day. The risk of vitamin B12 side effects is low — even if you take too much. Your body can only absorb a small amount of vitamin B12 at a time. So any extra leaves your body when you pee.

When should I take B12 morning or night?

All B vitamins (except for folate) are involved in your body's processes of producing energy. Therefore, supplements of these vitamins may have an energizing effect. For example, it's better to take vitamin B12 in the morning for this reason.

Does B12 affect bowel movements?

A B12 deficiency may also cause diarrhea, nausea, constipation, bloating, gas, and other gastrointestinal symptoms ( 2 , 19 ). These issues can affect both adults and children ( 2 , 20 ).

How much B12 should a senior take daily?

How Much B12 Should Seniors Take? The amount of vitamin B12 that seniors should take depends on the level of need a given senior has; that's why it's important to involve medical professionals. In general, the recommended daily allowance is 2.4 mcg.

Why do doctors say not to take vitamins?

The researchers concluded that multivitamins don't reduce the risk for heart disease, cancer, cognitive decline (such as memory loss and slowed-down thinking) or an early death. They also noted that in prior studies, vitamin E and beta-carotene supplements appear to be harmful, especially at high doses.

Should you take vitamins without talking to a doctor?

Talk to your doctor before starting any new over-the-counter medication or supplement. “If you feel you need something else in your diet, your doctor can make sure there aren't any underlying conditions that may be the reason you feel the need to supplement,” she said.

Should you take supplements without talking to your doctor?

“It's always best to talk with your doctor before you start taking a supplement, especially if you already take medications, have health concerns or are pregnant,” advises Dr. Hollingsworth.

Which is better B12 or B complex?

What is the difference between them? B complex vitamins are a combination of several B vitamins that are essential for your body, including B12. However, taking B12 as a separate supplement can provide more targeted support for certain conditions.

Is taking B complex the same as taking B12?

The difference between Vitamin B12 and B Complex is that Vitamin B12 is just one of the eight B vitamins that form the B complex. Together, the set of 8 B vitamins that make up the B complex is presented in the optimum balance to provide the recommended daily amount.

Can I take vitamin b1 B6 B12 everyday?

A daily dose of B complex vitamins is vital for a fully functioning brain and the nervous system. The nervous system plays a central role in your body's day-to-day functions. Billions of nerve cells receive information through the five senses, process the data and transmit the proper reaction from your brain.

Is it safe to take 1500 mcg B12 daily?

The recommended daily amount for B12 is 2.4 mcg for adults. Pregnant and lactating women need higher amounts [1]. There is no upper intake limit for vitamin B12 because there is no known toxicity [2].

Can too much B12 be harmful?

No adverse or toxic events have been reported in healthy people who get too much B12 from food or supplements. However, if you are ill, high doses of vitamin B12 that you might receive to treat a deficiency may cause some symptoms such as: Nausea and vomiting.

What are symptoms of low B12?

Key points about vitamin B12 deficiency anemia

Without enough oxygen, your body can't work as well. Symptoms include weak muscles, numbness, trouble walking, nausea, weight loss, irritability, fatigue, and increased heart rate. Treatment may include vitamin B12 supplements.

Can too much vitamin B12 cause heart problems?

Other side effects of vitamin B12 injections are more serious. Early on in treatment, these injections can cause pulmonary embolism (a blood clot that travels to one of your lungs from somewhere else in your body and blocks blood flow in the affected lung) and congestive heart failure.

How much B12 should a woman over 60 take daily?

Recent reports suggest that, along with a B12-rich diet, consuming 500 micrograms of B12 in the form of a supplement may help individuals over 65 maintain healthy vitamin B12 levels [2]. Taking a vitamin B12 supplement may even help reverse a B12 deficiency and its symptoms, which can include: Fatigue.

Can I take B12 and vitamin D together?

Interactions between your drugs. No interactions were found between Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3. However, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult your healthcare provider.

Is it better to take vitamin B12 every day or once a week?

The usual dose for: diet-related deficiency is 50 micrograms to 150 micrograms, taken once a day. B12 deficiency not caused by your diet is one to two 1,000 microgram tablets, taken once or twice a day – this is usually if you cannot have vitamin B12 injections.

How many times a week should I take vitamin B12?

And while everyone from newborns to the elderly need vitamin B12, the amount varies with age. It's recommended for children 1-13 years old to get between . 9 and 1.8 micrograms of the nutrient each day, whereas teens 14 and older and all adults should get 2.4 micrograms of it daily.

How soon after taking B12 will I feel better?

This helps to reduce symptoms such as tiredness and lack of energy. When will I feel better? Hydroxocobalamin starts to work straight away. However, it may take a few days or weeks before your vitamin B12 levels and symptoms (such as extreme tiredness or lack of energy) start to improve.

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