What is high school diploma in India? (2024)

What is high school diploma in India?

Currently, in India, there is High School Leaving Certificate- HSLC or Secondary School Certificate- SSC or 10th Exams. After the declaration of 10th result , students can apply for various technical and non-technical diploma courses.

Is high school diploma 10th or 12th in India?

Is High School 10th or 12th? In most countries, high school consists of grades from 9th to 12th. In India, though, 12th is considered Intermediate or HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate). The HSC examination is conducted by different state boards, such as the Maharashtra Board, the MP Board, West Bengal Board, etc.

What is equivalent to a high school diploma in India?

India High School Equivalencies

All India Senior School Certificate awarded by CBSE (after 12 years) Indian School Certificate (awarded by CICSE) (after 12 years) Higher Secondary School Certificate awarded on completion of Standard XII Senior Secondary (12th Class) Examination.

What is the name of the high school diploma in India?

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) is a certification obtained by the High School Students upon the successful completion of a Secondary Examination at the end of study at the Secondary School Level in India.

What is 10th and 12th class called in India?

SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate (Class 10th), and HSC stands for Higher Secondary Certificate (Class12th)

What is US high school equivalent in India?

Acceptable for direct entry to U.S. colleges, to Foundation/bridge programmes at universities around the world, and to many applied or vocational courses of study, the U.S. diploma is equivalent to 10+2 Indian boards per the Association of Indian Universities.

What is 12th class called in India?

The HSC/Intermediate and PUC Certificates are known as the "Class 12th Certificate" or the "+2 Certificate". It is awarded to senior high school students by almost all National and State Boards and It is also awarded to junior college students by some state boards.

How many years is high school diploma in India?

A high school diploma is awarded after completion of courses of studies lasting four years, typically from grade 9 to grade 12.

Is diploma equivalent to 12th in USA?

All states and school districts have set the secondary school graduation level as the completion of 12th grade, and the common name for the secondary graduation qualification is the High School Diploma.

What is diploma level in India?

a "Diploma", a level five qualification (Undergraduate Degree) granted by vocational education and training (VET) sector or university. It is typically completed with 12 to 18 months of full-time study.

Is GED accepted in India?

It is not present in India as it is specific to North America. Here's what the GED program entails: Purpose: The GED program is designed for individuals who did not complete their high school education but want to earn a credential that is equivalent to a high school diploma.

Is high school 10th or 12th in USA?

High school is generally grades 9–12, with the exception of the mixed model which is 8–12.

What is Grade 10 called in India?

Also the tenth grade is called as "Class 10" and it is also known as SSLC, SSC, HSLC and Matriculation in different regions and states of India.

What is 11th and 12th education called in India?

Higher secondary education is also called as HSC. It includes classes of 11th and 12th. These classes are being called as Intermediate Education. Was this answer helpful?

Can I use my foreign high school diploma in the US?

Is a foreign high school diploma valid in the US? It could be, but it must be evaluated first to compare the secondary education and the high school diploma from another country and verify its similarity to the US high school diploma requirements.

What is the difference between school education in India and the US?

In India, successive educational programs are primary, secondary, higher-secondary, graduation (Bachelor's degree), master's, and doctoral studies. In contrast, the various levels of the US education system include elementary school, middle school, high school, and then higher education.

What is the equivalent of a high school diploma in the US?

A high school equivalency or HSE is a recognized alternative to a high school diploma. There are three common exams used to determine high school equivalency: The General Educational Development (GED®) test. The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)

What is 12th class equivalent in USA?

United States

Twelfth graders are referred to as Seniors. Many students consider the twelfth grade, also known as the senior year of high school, a year to relax and prepare for the transition out of their old lives into college/university or the workplace.

Is 12th called graduation in India?

In India, the 12th class degree is commonly referred to as "Higher Secondary Certificate" (HSC), "Intermediate Certificate" (IC), or "Senior Secondary Certificate" (SSC), depending on the state or board of education. It is equivalent to the twelfth grade or the final year of secondary education.

What is the higher education system in India?

Indian higher education system has undergone massive expansion in post-independent India with a national resolve to establish several Universities, Technical Institutes, Research Institutions and Professional / Non-professional Colleges all over the country to generate and disseminate knowledge coupled with the noble ...

What grade do you graduate high school in India?

Secondary education begins in grade 9 and lasts until grade 12. The secondary stage is broken into two, two year cycles, generally referred to as General/Lower Secondary School, or 'Standard X', and Upper/Senior Secondary School, or 'Standard XII'.

What is the difference between a degree and a diploma in India?

The main difference between degree and diploma is that degrees are typically more advanced and take longer to complete, while diplomas are usually shorter and focus on practical training.

Is diploma a graduation in India?

As Diploma is a basic degree which is below a Graduation or a Bachelors degree, This certificate issued by the educational Institution, when a the recipient successfully completes the course or study.

Is Indian diploma valid in USA?

It must be noted that India-awarded qualifications are not accepted as valid by default at educational institutions based within the USA, meaning individuals looking to apply must go through an additional process wherein their credentials will receive evaluation and accreditation prior to making any admissions ...

What is the equivalent of an Indian bachelor's degree in the US?

3-Year Undergraduate Program

An equivalent of 3 years of an undergraduate study in the US. In general, the length of an Indian bachelor's degree is 3 years.

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